Questionnaire on Italian Immigration

This questionnaire on Immigration was developed by a secondary school teacher in Como/Milan, who is leading a class project on Italian immigration. The Quiet Immigrant Project has partnered with the class and school, “Liceo Teresa Ciceri”, in the hopes that in some capacity we can introduce them in our May 2022 exhibition.

“The project work was divided in two parts…..a theoretical and historical topic and a practical part that analyzed the immigrant’s feelings.

Which were their difficulties? How were they welcomed? Was there a prejudice about Italian people? How the Italians were considered?

A part of this project described the relationship between the historical immigration and the recent immigration; the students wrote a survey and they made some graphs to explain the answers.”

Annalisa Franchi, Secondary School Teacher at Liceo Teresa Ciceri

Please feel free to fill out the form to continue academic growth for these students.

For more details on the school itself see:

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