Our Mission

• To honour the Italian Canadian Women Immigrant’s heritage, stories, and narratives

• To provide a meaningful platform that is (culturally) sensitive, committed to family and community partnerships

• To foster, pay tribute and build a strong appreciation to the unique histories and stories of courage and contribution

• To support the values of mutual trust, agency, and accessibility

Our Vision

• To provide the best visual and literary content in magnitude and scope

• To dignify with dignity in an impactful and meaningful way

• Tend to, attend, and appreciate the principles, beliefs, life lessons, and philosophies

• To explore and cherish unique histories and legacies

Our Core Values

• Value the unique histories and stories of each with compassion and courtesy

• Respect the autonomy of each of our ‘Femmine Forti’

• Find inspiration in their virtues, language, character worth, and excellence

• With real purpose and grace, continue to advance cultural appreciation