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Patrizia Libralato

Project Advisor

About Patrizia:

A community and city-builder at heart, Patrizia Libralato (she/her) is an original founder of the Toronto Biennial of Art and serving as its Executive Director since February 2017. Her 25-year career spans the national and international commercial and public art world, including Wynick/Tuck Gallery and an Associate Directorship at the Sable-Castelli Gallery until 2000. For the next 5 years, Libralato lived in Italy and created and managed public and private gallery exhibitions, a national radio broadcast and large-scale cultural and musical events in Venice, Verona and Vicenza, which included artist commissions, educational programs, artist residencies and workshops. Libralato returned to Toronto in 2005 to found Birch Libralato, a leading gallery in the Canadian contemporary art world.

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