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Laura Libralato

Project Curator & Director

About Laura:

Laura Libralato, curator of The Quiet Immigrant Project has been an arts educator and performing artist for over 30 years.  A strong advocate for mental health and wellness initiatives and a passion and enthusiasm for women’s’ representation in society, Laura initiated The Quiet Immigrant Project in 2018 by way of interviewing the matriarchs of the Italian Diaspora —- our first generation of Femmine Forti. They, along with her grandmother were the inspiration of The Quiet Immigrant Project.

What Inspired your Participation in this Project?

Growing up as the daughter of immigrants, she was witness to the less celebrated efforts of the women in her community. Through both an artistic and academic lens, Laura communicates the essence of learning and appreciating the narratives in a deeply personal, reflective an honest way ——- where stories are the proof of life.

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