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Fortunata (Nell) Racioppa née LaMalfa

A poem for Fortunata (Nell) Racioppa née LaMalfa

Gather round we have a story to tell
About a little girl named Fortunata – make that Nell

She was driven to work with curlers, no makeup
Refusing in the early mornings to wake up

Despite this she managed to catch the eye
Of a very handsome, yet 5 years younger guy!

Thanks to a friend with good intentions
Their relationship was taken to a new dimension

At Hayloft Ho-down their true feelings revealed
From that moment, their future was sealed

It was on Rock’s birthday they were wed
Little did they know what lay ahead

A baby girl un-named for thirty days
Two years later, a second on the way

As kids their fighting never seemed to end
Now they’ve turned out the best of friends

Four sisters together, all living close by
Shanghai rummy, three heads to dye

Rolled sandwiches, “pizzelles” too
Made with love by the La Malfa crew

Both daughters marrying “mange cakes”
One in Markham and one by a lake

Her grand-daughters’ fates are anyone’s guess
Perhaps a prime minister and a princess

A wonderful grandma, mother and wife
Mom, we’re so grateful we are part of your life

Love always from your family.