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Ester Paris Mauro

Sponsor Coordinator

About Ester:
Well known in the floral and wedding industry, Ester Paris Mauro has established herself as an expert in her field. With over 30 years’ experience in planning corporate events and weddings both large and small, Ester is a meticulous organizer that pays attention to every detail. Being a certified wedding planner and owning and operating Ital Florist, a successful family business, Ester has the tools and the know how to get the job done. Her passion and enthusiasm are what her clients love most about her not to mention her ability to meet all of her clients’ requests. Over the years, Ester has successfully established great relationships with countless vendors that she and her team can count on to execute any size function with any size budget. Her dedication and loyalty to her clients is admirable and the trust they have in her contributes to her outstanding reputation. Her professionalism and expertise have won her several contracts with prominent corporate and private clients alike. Being fluent in four languages, English, Italian, French and Spanish is an asset that Ester uses to effectively communicate and understand her clients from different backgrounds and cultures.
Ester holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Italian & French Linguistics and Literature Co-Specialist from the University of Toronto, Class of ‘91.

What Inspired Your Participation in this Project?
When “The Quiet Immigrant Project” was presented to me, I was immediately moved to be involved in any way I could be. Being the daughter of a quiet, yet strong, Italian immigrant mother, I lived first-hand the immigrant experience and I cannot think of a better, more poignant way to honor and acknowledge my mother’s contribution to my life. Her story, her struggles, her strength now has a voice. Along with the countless other Italian women that left their homeland, they deserve this commemoration and recognition. And I am so proud and blessed to be a part of this extraordinary exhibition.
Viva La Femmine Forti!

Where can we find you?
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