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Aurora Pagano

Artistic & Installation Director and The InHERitance Exhibit Curator

About Aurora:

Aurora Pagano is a Toronto painter, illustrator, educator, and curator. Her work has been published and exhibited in galleries locally and abroad. In her national and international projects, Aurora exposes the vulnerability of society and the environment while fostering community and public engagement through art. With a 30-year career in education, she has produced interdisciplinary festivals and has developed an enriched arts-based curriculum for the TCDSB and the private sector. Aurora’s dedication and enthusiasm in learning and teaching have fostered success stories throughout the GTA.

Pagano is passionate about all aspects of her work, immersing herself in extensive research while developing each series of paintings. Her art is inspired by relationships between the volatile human journey, cultural relativism, and nature.  Translating content into figurative symbolism, Pagano creates richly narrative compositions combining delicate layers of mixed media, capturing light and creating illusory depths.

What Inspired your Participation in this Project?

When a creative colleague approaches you with a fabulous idea, you jump in! Having worked with Laura for many years, I knew we could co-create something substantial. Having been raised by strong Italian women, I could relate to the communal narratives and culture and was inspired knowing that there were endless possibilities in honoring their immigrant journey. Having recently lost my mother to cancer made the project even more significant. This project is a form of gratitude. As you mindfully delve into the contents of ‘her’ life, you come to recognize the extraordinary endurance, remarkable fortitude, and love they had in contributing and influencing who we are today. 

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